base7 is an software engineering company specialising in protocol stack and signalling gateway development for both fixed and mobile next generation telecommunication networks.

With a massive range of protocol and variant support we allow product vendors and network operators to protect themselves from integration issues and to focus on what they do best

Our products are deployed from the eNodeB back to the core network and we cover network standards from traditional SS7 and GSM to LTE and IMS networks. With deployments in most major networks around the world and a large range of OEM partners we have a proven track record of success in the most demanding network environments.

Our range of products includes :

- 5700 SS7/SIP signalling and media gateway controller series connecting ss7 network using ISUP/INAP, MAP and CAMEL protocols to SIP enabled devices and networks

- 8600 IMS gateway series, including Diameter charging platforms, MRF, SIP-ISC and SIP-I gateways for integration with IMS and SAE networks

- 9700 gateway series of IP-based BSS/eNodeB platforms

So if you need to integrate to a SS7,BICC/SIGTRAN,SIP-I,IMS, UMTS or LTE network or are upgrading or optimising your network then contact us to learn more about what we can do for you

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The base7 5710 Signalling and Media Gateway Controller is a single low cost sofware platform that runs on off-the-shelf hardware and enables IP-based devices to access core networks at a wide range of integration points. So if you need basic call control, application and charging control, SRP functionality, IN service logic management or location and customer specific informati...
The base7 8670 IMS Gateway allows voice equipment vendors to enable their products as an IMS Media Platform. Ideal for SIP-based voicemail and IVR platform vendors who need to integrate to IMS networks the 8670 takes care of the call control, the charging and the subscriber information interactions in the IMS and allows you to focus on your application and platform development without having ...
The base7 8780 gateway allows SIP based devices to connect to SIP-I based next generation core networks. The 8780 supports all major SIP-I variants and allows for access to and control of all  attached ISUP parameters from within the SIP dialog.  
The base7 GSM protocol stack offering is a fully featured integrated set of software modules covering functionality from GSM Layer 1 – 3 and the Abis and A interfaces. Ideal for small scale BTS/BSC requirements or specialized GSM applications where interaction with external applications is required the base7 GSM stack has been deployed on a wide variety of hardware.  Either runn...
The base7 8720 Diameter Charging Gateway is a software platform that enables pre and post paid  charging pre and post paid charging information and servcice control to be passed between Intelligent Networks and IMS or Diameter enabled networks..
The base7 8720 Diameter Charging Gateway is a software platform that enables SIP-based endpoints to access and define pre and post paid charging information in both IMS and non-IMS networks. Designed as a felxible and cost-effective method for controlling charging information it can query and update all standard-compliant networks and enables service, number and subscription based charging control...
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