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nx Bulk SMS/USSD Controller

The base7 VNO platform can be deployed as a SMSC/MAP platform for bulk SMS/USSD campaigns using just the standard SMSC elements and service logic builders with enhanced p4 packet support and additional data tables in the schema.

When deployed in this way the platform can manage up to 50k (Transaction Per Second ) TPS in the standard reference configuration and can manage campaigns with up to 50 TB of data in them and can deliver real time and offline reporting via the customised elasticsearch instance that is installed on the platform. The interface to the network can be standard MAP or SMPP and to the user side can also be MAP/SMPP or else a SOAP or REST API can be used or integrated with the customer’s existing toolsets and databases.

Campaign service logic for both SMS and USSD campaigns is built using the standard platform builder. This allow for as many levels of campaign steps/menus as required and also has interfaces to http/DB/MQ elements for data collection or insertion natively built in.

The scripting   can be set to run periodically in a specific date/time/calendar window or else can be manually stopped/started from the UI. When response messages are received on this dialog then these are processed within the dialog context



 This can be repeated in as many steps as required for each menu. The platform can run thousands of simultaneous campaigns. 

Data is provisioned through a standard SOAP or REST API and can also be manually viewed or managed via a simple user UI.


With the benefits of high speed p4 packet processing, the powerful elasticsearch reporting engine and the flexibility of the service logic builder the base7 VNO platform provides the best performance value for bulk campaign management in the market.