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nx SCP

nxSCP is a software platform that runs on industry standard hardware or VM’s to provide next generation SCP services in a flexible and fast service creation environment

nxSCP is built on an IP core with high-speed packet processing on standard x86 servers/VM’s. can be deployed with a physical e1/t1/stm ss7 interface where required

It has a full-featured service logic interface that supports all major SCP features

Integrated internal announcement and IVR platform

Supports all major IN protocols, CAMEL1-4, WINS1 & 2, MAP1-3, Diameter

Has a SIP/IMS interface for use as a P-CSCF and can be used with the SRVCC gateway to support VOLTE networks.

The nxSCP platform supports most common VAS services for voice, sms, ussd and data elements.

These are deployed as service logic scripts and subscriber databases on the SCP layer although they may interact with other elements for flow implementation.

There is also an onboard IP/IVR with simple DTMF detection which can be utilised within the VAS logic or scripted stand-alone