the ivr platform is a standalone ivr/srf platform with separated media capability including variable announcements, dtmf collection, and transcoding. The platform has an embedded ai processing module for speech and chat management via standard GUI builder interfaces, supporting more than 50 languages. Built on an IP core with high-speed packet processing on standard x86 servers/VM’s. Processing at L2/3 allows for faster throughput and lower latency allowing the nxSRF to process 8-10x the throughput of conventional SRF platforms. Integrates with NFV and data flow service platforms for next-generation management and service deployment. Has modules with interfaces to V/HLR, SCP, MSC, GGSN, SMTP, SMSC, IMS and other network elements to allow for full integration of network call flows and data elements. Service Logic integrates with most enterprise data sources and allows for seamless script integration.

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